Extracting the intermediate solution variables in simscape

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I am using hydraulic resistive tube in my piping network. Which tube element incorporates elevation difference between its ends (like if its inclined or vertical pipes). I want to account this using aggregate equivalent length option in resistive tube element. Is it possible? If so how can I?
If I know the friction factor which it calculates during the solution process (available in source code), I can use it in other mathematial operation blocks. But cnt find how to check this value it calculates during the solution process.
Can anyone share how to do this??

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 29 Jun 2022
Two quick ways I can think of:
  1. Add a variable. In equations, add "new_var == intermediate_var;".
  2. Move code out of "let ... in ..." and use the "intermediate" syntax. Below is an example from the pipe block in the isothermal liquid domain:
intermediates (Access = private, ExternalAccess = none)
p_A = A.p; % Pressure at port A
p_B = B.p; % Pressure at port B
% For logging
intermediates (Access = private)
rho_I = foundation.isothermal_liquid.mixture_density(p_I, ...
A.bulk_modulus_model, A.air_dissolution_model, A.rho_L_atm, A.beta_L_atm, A.beta_gain, ...
A.air_fraction, A.rho_g_atm, A.polytropic_index, A.p_atm, A.p_crit, A.p_min); % Density of liquid volume
The variables in the second section of the "intermediates" should show up in the simlog and Simscape Results Explorer. More help on this syntax here:
And speaking of the isothermal liquid (IL) domain, use IL instead of the hydraulic domain whenever you can


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