Is it possible to set specific OOBIndices in TreeBagger

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I am trying to use TreeBagger for an image analysis algorithm in which the image is broken in n number of areas that I am trying to classify. I would like to specific OOBIndices so the OOB areas are from the same images. Meaning that the OOB randomization happens at the level of the image and not at the level of the area.
Thanks Walid

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Ilya on 25 Dec 2014
To train TreeBagger, you pass X and Y. If "image" is your entire data X and if "areas" are your class labels Y, you already have that. OOB observations are drawn from the entire data, not from data for one specific class. If this is not what you mean, please clarify.
Ilya on 26 Dec 2014
Not really. Do images represent classes in Y?

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Yiwen Mei
Yiwen Mei on 22 Sep 2018
I am facing a similar question. I want to set OOBIndices to specific elements rather than letting Matlab to randomly pick. Is it possible?
Thank you, Yiwen

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