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how to find mean from cell

Asked by Thar
on 20 Jan 2015
Latest activity Edited by Star Strider
on 20 Jan 2015
Hi all!
I have the matrix:
Mc= mat2cell(M, rows, 8);
Sc= mat2cell(S, rows, 2004);
I want to find the means of Mc and Sc.
I have the script
for k1 = 1:size(Mc,1)
but it doesn't work.
Is anything wrong?
Thank you!


on 20 Jan 2015
You'll have to clarify, the 'it doesn't work' by posting the entire error message that you get (including the line that errors out).
As it is, your code should work. Here is a slight rewrite:
M = rand(100, 8); %demo data
rows = 20 * ones(1, size(M, 1)/20); %demo data
Mc = mat2cell(M, rows, size(M, 2));
W = cellfun(@(m) mean(m(:, 1)), Mc);
Star Strider
on 20 Jan 2015
This looks familiar.
Thodoris, how do you calculate your ‘rows’ variable? That is likely what we will need to Answer your Question.

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1 Answer

Answer by Titus Edelhofer on 20 Jan 2015

first of all, why do you convert the matrix to a cell? Why not call mean for M? It should give you the mean for all columns directly. Second, using Mc{k1}(1:end,1) can be simplified by Mc{k1}(:,1). Third, "It doesn't work" sounds like you get an error message. Tell us the error message and it will be easier for us to diagnose.

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on 20 Jan 2015
I want to convert the matrix to a cell, because i have the step for the mean values to the rows. The message is that the dimensions are wrong.

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