this code simulating laser output power respect to time for different laser dimensions length, width and diameter of cavity. Can anyone explain indetail this part of the code

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LL=[250E-6, 250E-6, 500E-6, 500E-6, 250E-6, 500E-6]; %cavity length
ww=[5E-6, 10E-6, 5E-6, 10E-6, 5E-6, 10E-6]; %cavity width
dd=[0.2E-6, 0.2E-6, 0.2E-6, 0.2E-6, 0.1E-6, 0.1E-6]; %cavity diameter
for iii=1:length(LL)
ti = 0;
tf = 2.50E-9;
tspan=[ti tf];
y0=[0; 0; 0];
[T,Y]= ode45(@(t,y) rate_eq(t,y,V),tspan,y0);

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