covert NaN to zeros

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John fredson
John fredson on 11 May 2022
Commented: Walter Roberson on 15 May 2022
“These will contain the value ‘NaN’ when imported. You should replace these with a value of zero.“ For a given set of data, it contains NaN in some where, how to pick then up and assign a zero to then as stated as the statement?
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dpb on 11 May 2022
the most basic of logical indexing.

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John fredson
John fredson on 12 May 2022
Check for incorrect argument data type or missing argument in
call to function 'isnan'.
Error in Q1a (line 16)
x(isnan(X))=0 ;
this error occurs
John fredson
John fredson on 15 May 2022
it is textdata

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John fredson
John fredson on 12 May 2022
I have a set of struct data, may I know how can I plot it in the subplot?
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 12 May 2022
This doesn't seem to be related to the original question of how to replace NaN values with 0, so you should ask this as a new question (with more details about how the data is organized in your struct.) Use the Ask link just below the blue "MATLAB Answers" bar at the top of the page.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 May 2022
You say you have "text data".
Not sure what you really have, but look at this:
textData = 'abcdef';
textData(3) = nan
textData = 'ab def'
textData(isnan(textData)) = 0
textData = 'ab def'
ans = ' '
textData(3) = '0'
textData = 'ab0def'
Does that do anything like what you want and expect? If not, attach your variable in a .mat file with the paperclip icon after reading this:

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