How to utilize 'symsum' in this case?

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Chae gyu Lim
Chae gyu Lim on 17 May 2022
Answered: Star Strider on 17 May 2022
I'm trying to write this in MATLAB code, but when I try to use 'symsum' here, it requires that term Y_j and t_i should be expressed in 'j' and 'i', but
in this case, these terms are arbitrary numbers. For this reason, I guess using loop(e.g: for, while...) should be better, but I have no idea of using it. Are there better techniques that I never thought of?

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 17 May 2022
Try something like this —
syms i j t Y
Eq = symsum(Y,j,2,5) * (symsum(t,i,1,j)^2 - symsum(t,i,1,j-1)^2)
Eq = 

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