Divide a column of a datafile through a constant value

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Shivu on 23 May 2022
Commented: Shivu on 23 May 2022
I have a large number of datafiles (.txt file) and I need to divide one of the columns to a constant number. What is the short way to do it.
Shivu on 23 May 2022
a = textread('den_T50.txt');
a1 = a(:,1)/0.15;
save ('den_T50.txt','-ascii')
I have tried this way for a single file. Is there can be any short method for saving a large number of files other than this?
And further, the problem is on saving the new data file (according to above code) it's just appending the modified data column into the previous data. Whereas I want to replace the previous column with the new calculated one.

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Answers (1)

KSSV on 23 May 2022
txtFiles = dir('*.txt') ; % you are in the folder of text files
N = length(txtFiles) ; % total files
% loop for each file
for i = 1:N
txtFile = txtFiles(i).name ;
T = readtable(txtFile) ; % also have a look on load, importdata
T.(1) = T.(1)/100 ; % divide first column by 100

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