Is the position and orientation of the "Simulation 3D Camera block" output the result of a left-handed or a right-handed coordinate system?

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When I use the Simulation 3D Camera block/Simulation 3D Vehicle with Ground Following block for simulation output in Unreal engine, the Output location (m) and orientation (rad) options are specified, I tried to read the documentation and understand that it belongs under the world coordinate system, but it is not clear whether these 2 outputs belong to UE's left-handed coordinate system or matlab's right-handed coordinate system?
Now the situation is that the [x,y,z] in location is in accordance with the right hand coordinate system, that is, the y in the UE software has been shown as -y in matlab, but the corresponding orientation output of [roll,pitch,yaw] has no flip the sign of the pitch angle. How do I understand the coordinates of location and orientation correctly? I appreciate your answer.

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