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How to find values in a vector that are correspond to the 6th biggest values in another related vector?

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There are two vectors, the 1st one is named peaks and the 2nd one is named frequencies and they are related to each other (I mean each value in the frequency vector is related to the value in the peaks vector).
How can I find the values in the frequency vector that are correspond to the biggest 6 values in the peaks vector?
**Note: I need the frequency values all by one time not one to one !

Accepted Answer

Keshav on 5 Jul 2022
you can use the below code and made the change according to you.
basically idx will store the index corresponding to the sorted order of peak.
so idx(6) is the index of 6th largest element in peak. so now you can find the frequency of the element correspoding to index idx(6)
fre = [5 1 4 3 2 7 8 9];
peak =[9 2 8 6 4 3 2 11];
[newP,idx] = sort(peak,"descend");
Keshav on 5 Jul 2022
Edited: Keshav on 5 Jul 2022
I misinterpret your question and thought you want only 6th value. If you want top 6 value of frequency based on peak, the below code will work.

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