loop to extract rows and giving the vectors progresseiv numbers

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I have a matrix of size A= [70x1459], I need to extract every row i of it and putting it in a vector M_(i), so I can plot any of them with another vector B=[1x1459].
I wanted to use a loop to achieve that easily and quickly, like following to get M1,M2 etc...:
for i=1:70
but it doesnt work, can anyone tell me what I'm messing.
thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Voss on 6 Aug 2022
There's no need to make each of several rows of a matrix into its own variable (M1, M2, etc.)
Instead just use indexing to get the rows you need when you need them
For example, to plot the first 25 rows of DehnMatrix:
DehnMatrix = rand(40,1459);

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