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Weibull does not seem to work gives error"Error using makedist Distribution name 'Weibull' is unrecognized."

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c = 8.1; % Scale factor
k = 2.03; % Shape factor
N = 1000; % Number of plot data points
pd = makedist('Weibull','a',c,'b',k) %Selection of Weibull
x = linspace(0,25,N);
y = pdf(pd,x); % Weibull output function
cd = 1 - exp(-(x/c).^k); % Cumulative distribution
yyaxis left
plot(x,100*y, 'k','LineWidth',2)
title({['Weibull and Cumulative Probability Distributions'], ...
['k = ', num2str(k), ' and c = ', num2str(c)]});
xlabel('Wind Velocity (m/s)');
ylabel('Probability (%)', 'Color','k');
hold on
yyaxis right
plot(x,100*cd, 'r','LineWidth',2)
ylabel('Probability (%)');
legend('Weibull', 'Cumulative')
axis([0 25 0 120]);
grid on
grid minor
It gives the following error:
Error using makedist
Distribution name 'Weibull' is unrecognized.
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Ganapathi Subramanian R
Ganapathi Subramanian R on 3 Jun 2024
Hi Gihahn,
The above script is working fine for me in MATLAB R2023b. Could you let me know which version of MATLAB you are using?
Additionally, to execute the above code you should have a valid license to access Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox.

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