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Is it possible for the license manager log file to report IP addresses rather than hostnames?

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The license manager log file reports the shortname or FQDN of the host on which a license is checked out. Is there a way to have FlexNet log IP addresses instead of the hostname? For example, the log file currently shows the following:
17:46:03 (MLM) OUT: "MATLAB" marifin8@ENGRAP952
17:46:50 (MLM) IN: "Symbolic_Toolbox" p375-10@p375-10
I would like the log file to show the requesting host's IP address. For example:
17:46:03 (MLM) OUT: "MATLAB" marifin8@
17:46:50 (MLM) IN: "Symbolic_Toolbox" p375-10@

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Philippe Marion
Philippe Marion on 29 Jun 2018
It's awfull ...the really dirty hack I found was to : tcpdump -nq 'port 27000' with some filters on host ( tcpdump -nq 'port 27000 and not src and not dst' ) ...and scripts to match IP with lm_TMW.log
good luck Phil


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