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Attaching a component to a belt of a belt drive

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Karthik Nagendra
Karthik Nagendra on 30 Jul 2015
Commented: Nolan Corcoran on 12 Oct 2016
I am looking to attach a component on the belt of a belt drive. Is there a way this can be done

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 30 Jul 2015
Yes you can. Assuming this is picking up from your previous question which used a Prismatic Joint, so you want the Belt Drive to cause translational motion.
You can use the "Wheel and Axle" block in Simscape to convert from rotation to translation. Just make sure that you're using the same radius in that block as the pulley in the Belt Drive it's connected to.
- Sebastian
Nolan Corcoran
Nolan Corcoran on 12 Oct 2016
Could you please provide the diagram of your Translational Simscape Intf subsystem? I am trying to interface a dc motor -> wheel & axle -> Simscape (Multibody) Body via a Simscape (Multibody) Prismatic which is turning out to be very confusing/frustrating. The idea is to use actual electrical components to actuate a cart back and forth to balance an inverted pendulum.

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