How to make a new folder within another folder?

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Hi, I need to make a new sub folder within a main folder. When using mkdir(newfolder, newsubfolder) where newfolder is the parent folder where I want the newsubfolder saved, I get syntax errors every time. The full code is attached below.
> In CSVtoMatLab (line 77) Error using mkdir The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
Error in CSVtoMatLab (line 85) mkdir(newfolder,newsubfolder);
Thanks for any help.
if true
clear all
close all
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%Asks for User Inputs %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
prompt={'Enter a value for R:','Enter a value for C:','Enter a value for beta:','Enter a value for Life Goal:','Enter a value for N:','Enter a value for m:'};
title='Resonant Dwell Calculator Inputs';
a = str2num(answer{1});
b = str2num(answer{2});
c = str2num(answer{3});
d = str2num(answer{4});
e = str2num(answer{5});
f = str2num(answer{6});
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%File Pathing %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
projectdir = 'C:\Users\it58528\Documents\Dig Test'; %Start here. or name an absolute directory
newdir = 'C:\Users\it58528\Desktop\Test';
folderinfo = dir(projectdir);
folderinfo = folderinfo([folderinfo.isdir]); %select only the directories
folderinfo = folderinfo(~ismember({}, {'.', '..'})); %remove directories . and ..
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%Reliability goals %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
R = a;
C = b;
beta = c;
LifeGoal = d;
N = e;
m = f;
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%Digs for Files/Reads/Saves %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
for folderidx = 1 : length(folderinfo)
thisfolder = fullfile(projectdir, folderinfo(folderidx).name);
subfolderinfo = dir(thisfolder);
subfolderinfo = subfolderinfo([subfolderinfo.isdir]); %select only the directories
subfolderinfo = subfolderinfo(~ismember({}, {'.', '..'})); %remove directories . and ..
folderidxi = folderinfo(folderidx).name;
newfolder = fullfile(newdir, folderidxi);
for subfolderidx = 1 : length(subfolderinfo)
subfolderi = subfolderinfo(subfolderidx).name;
thissubfolder = fullfile(thisfolder, subfolderi);
fileinfo = dir( fullfile(thissubfolder, '*.csv') );
newsubfolder = fullfile(newdir, subfolderi);
for fileidx = 1 : length(fileinfo)
filenamei = fileinfo(fileidx).name;
thisfile = fullfile(thissubfolder, filenamei);
[filepath, basename, ext] = fileparts(thisfile);
data = csvread(thisfile,5,2);
PIN(fileidx).PIN = fileinfo(fileidx).name(1:17);
PIN(fileidx).loadprofile = data(1:15,:);
PIN(fileidx).hours = sum(sum(PIN(fileidx).loadprofile,1));
PIN(fileidx).loadprofilepercent = PIN(fileidx).loadprofile./PIN(fileidx).hours;
PIN(fileidx).loadpercent = data(:,2);
PIN(fileidx).RPM = data(16,:);
loadprofilecolumn = find(PIN(fileidx).RPM>Resonance);
xSpeed = PIN(fileidx).RPM(loadprofilecolumn(1)-1);
newsubfolder = fullfile(newdir, subfolderi);
newfilename = fullfile(newsubfolder, filenamei);
end %files within subfolder
end %subfolders within folder

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Accepted Answer

Thorsten on 29 Oct 2015
Just use one argument:
And in the for fileidx = 1 : length(fileinfo) loop, get rid of the lines
newsubfolder = fullfile(newdir, subfolderi);
This has to be done just once for each subfolder, not once for each file in a subfolder.
Thorsten on 30 Oct 2015
Must read
newsubfolder = fullfile(newfolder, subfolderi);

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