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How to read .PTN File

Asked by VIVEK RUHELA on 24 Nov 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 31 Jul 2018
Hello Guysm I have a file consists of a pattern for an EEG signal which has a file extension of .PTN. I want to know how to read .PTN file in matlab directly.Thanks


Walter Roberson
on 31 Jul 2018
Sarvesh Babu on 31 Jul 2018
Thank you for the help! When I read that post I found out that EEG Lab only does .EEG files. When I went back into my files, I found that the original files were .EEG and it converted to .PTN when I exported it from the Nihon Kohden application. So then I just used this function that converts .EEG to .MAT instead of EEG Lab. I found it on this page EEG Lab was super complex and I am a matlab beginner, so I decided not to download it, but it is a much more powerful solution and can do so much more.
Walter Roberson
on 31 Jul 2018
You should post a copy of that as an Answer; I would vote for it.

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