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How can I make an image with both ocean and land information?

Asked by Chelle Gentemann on 8 May 2016
Latest activity Answered by Chad Greene
on 9 Mar 2019
I would like to make images like this... I normally use imagesc and just set the top part of the colormap to black for land. I have ocean data, for example sea surface temperature, SST, and a landmask, but would like to upgrade the image to include land details like below.... any ideas or suggestions? Thanks, Chelle

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There is nothing "below". You forgot to attach the image with "land information."

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1 Answer

Answer by Chad Greene
on 9 Mar 2019

This is very easy with the Climate Data Toolbox for Matlab! First, plot the base image with earthimage, then overlay it with a pcolor or imagescn plot of SSTs. Just make sure the land values of the SST grid are NaN, which will make them transparent. If you need to, use the island function to determine which grid cells are land, and set them to NaN.


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