how to open another gui from existing gui using push button ?

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i have to gui, the main gui and the sub gui. I want to open the sub gui from main gui using push button ( guide ). How to make it ? thank you

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Stalin Samuel
Stalin Samuel on 17 Jun 2016
Refer the link here which has details with example code
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ElizabethR on 18 Jun 2016
Edited: ElizabethR on 18 Jun 2016
hi Stalin Samuel, thank you so much for your example code. Your simple code is easy to learn and make me understand. God Bless :D

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Shameer Parmar
Shameer Parmar on 17 Jun 2016
Lets consider you have 'ABC' is main GUI and 'XYZ' is sub GUI and 'OK' is the push button of GUI ABC
then in callback of OK push button of GUI ABC, simply put..
XYZ; % this command is to open the new GUI
close(ABC); % this command is to close the existing GUI

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