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Making a Matlab figure (axes on GUI) scrollable with mouse

Asked by Aldo Zaimi on 22 Sep 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 27 Sep 2016
Hi, I have a GUI that shows an image and helps the user do manual segmentation. I cannot display the full image (because its too large and thus hard to see & segment the objects manually) so I'm using scroll bars for x and y in order to scroll through the image (& update the display after each scroll) but its not very effective. Do you have any other ideas that could work for this?


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1 Answer

Answer by Steven Lord
on 22 Sep 2016

Pan the image.


I cannot use pan because I need to perform operations on the current window display. Its the same issue like using the zoom tool. I can zoom it, but if I click on the image to do an operation (e.g. click on a shape to do a region growing segmentation) it goes back to the initial config (zoom 100%) so I need to recheck on the zoom tool. I just want an option that would allow me to zoom the figure and scroll it while I can click on shapes (to do segmentation).
What you describe does not appear to happen for me, in OS-X.
If I have clicked on the zoom tool and not done anything else, then if I left-click on the image, it automatically zooms in further. If I click on the pan tool after zooming, then any left clicks do not affect the zoom state.
If I am in either the zoom tool or the pan tool and I invoke either impoly or ginput() then it leaves the zoom / pan boundaries untouched, switches out of zoom / pan state, allows me to place the points; afterwards it leaves me in selection (pointer) state.
If I want to reset to original view then I have to go back into either zoom or pan state, right click, and select Return to Original View.

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