pixhawk simulink calibration of sensors

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Ahmed khattab
Ahmed khattab on 16 Oct 2016
Commented: R on 14 May 2020
After uploading the "PX4 PSP Demo - Attitude Control System" to pixhawk, How could I calibrate accelerometer and magnetometer? I tried mission planner and qground but failed to do that. any suggestions will be appreciated thanks
Lakshay Gopalka
Lakshay Gopalka on 20 Mar 2019
Hey, Can you tell from where to download "PX4 PSP Demo - Attitude Control System", I am unable to find it anywhere. Thanks.

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Answers (3)

Steven on 11 Apr 2018
Seems I have the same problem, some could help?

Ningjun Liu
Ningjun Liu on 28 Apr 2018
(1) Use QGC to calibrate all sensors; this should correct the outputs of the attitude angles; (2) For gyro, acc and mag measurements, it is probably best to measure and record them in simulink2pix, and then manually correct them.

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Emanuele Argieri
Emanuele Argieri on 6 May 2019
I've the same problem. Probably it's in the rc.txt file. I've noticed that the right command for the attitute_estimator is "attitude_estimator_q startusleep 5000". Tell me if that solves the problem

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