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How to serve prior version of Matlab with the same flexnet server

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Should I force all users to upgrade their matlab each time I update Matlab !!??? (or is it still possible to suggest & install the new versions when they want) Before, I used to just add the increments of new versions in my license.dat
SERVER myserver 123456789 27000
DAEMON MLM "/opt/matlab/R2011a" port=39555
# License N°:12345 HostID: 123456789
# R2011a
# AND THEN new version R2012a (for exemple)
... And anyone was able to choose either to upgrade or not. It seems that it doesn't work anymore with new versions of flexnet server.
  • I tried to add R2016a increments on my R2015a installation, it doesn't work... worse : the service hangs with a "(lmgrd) Failed to open the TCP port number in the license." error
  • I tried with a new version of (v11.13.1.3) : same issue.
Please help,
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Philippe Marion
Philippe Marion on 1 Dec 2016
Mathworks license files are backwards compatible, so the solution is as simple as possible:
  • Update the license file, for instance R2016b
... and the R2016b license file is also able to serve R2015a, R2014x etc. stupid am I!

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 14 Nov 2016
There might be a couple of different issues here. Probably best is to contact MathWorks installation support for efficient help. But in general, there are ways to set up the environment endu user do not have to change something (USE_SERVER). While on the server side of things indeed there is a need to update to the most recent license file (and its matchin license server versiona and MlM vendor daemon) - or at least the license file made for the most recent releases your users need.

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