Mismatch between polyspace error message and the code line

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When I click on the error in Result Summary pane of Polyspace Code Prover (R2015a) the result is empty line in Source pane (Sreen-shot1). But If I open the error in an external or internal editor, I see the actual code line (Screen-shot2)where the error occurs. There is some mismatch between the reported error in Result Summary pane and the code line in Source pane. Is this a bug in this revision of Polyspace?
Best Regards Dimo Petkov

Answers (2)

Alexandre De Barros
Alexandre De Barros on 22 Nov 2016
the line number is indeed strange but I also can see that the line 52835 displayed in Polyspace does not correspond to the actual code. It is a return statement in Polyspace and an if statement in the actual code.
There is something strange in the preprocessing. Are you using special macros, or a post-preprocessing command?
I suggest you to contact the support and attach the verification log that shows the options set in the verification. That will be helpful for the support.

Dimo on 23 Nov 2016
Hello Alexander,
The behavior is really very strange. The code is ANSI C compliant so don't think the reason is in it. I have already sent this issue to Mathworks support. Thank you for your attention.
Regards Dimo

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