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How can I plot more than 20 files in single figures ?

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Shiba Subedi
Shiba Subedi on 5 Dec 2016
Commented: Image Analyst on 6 Dec 2016
I have more than 20 SAC files to plot in a single figure. Using Matlab how can I plot these data? Thank you in advance!

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Adam on 5 Dec 2016
20 plots in a single figure is a lot. Programmatically using subplot as suggested by Image Analyst is simplest, but depending what you are plotting and whether you want axes labels, ticks, etc subplot can be a bit wasteful of space (if you don't want any axes labels) so you may be better creating and positioning 20 axes yourself in a 5*4 or 4*5 or 10*2 or whatever suits you grid. This is very simple maths and you can control the space between the axes yourself.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Dec 2016
What is an "SAC" file? If you have data, you can use plot(), bar(), surf(), etc. depending on how you want to display it. You might also find subplot() useful if your figure contains nothing else except your 20 plots:
subplot(4, 5, 1);
plot(x1, y1);
subplot(4, 5, 2);
plot(x2, y2);


Shiba Subedi
Shiba Subedi on 6 Dec 2016
This is for plotting multiple figures in a single page, but my question is that how can I plot multiple files in a single plot. Also, I have only one input argument (name of the SAC file). I can plot all files in a single figure but these figures are overlapped, I need to seperate them as one below another. How can I do ?
Adam on 6 Dec 2016
It would really help if you use Matlab terminology. You seem to be using 'figure' to mean both figure, axes and line plot. A figure is a UI frame with a title bar which can contain many axes and an axes can contain many plots. What exactly is it that you are aiming for?
The notion of files is totally separate from plotting. Once you load the files in they just become data within Matlab, either 1 dataset or many.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 6 Dec 2016
To make 20 line plots in 20 axes (one line plot per axes control) on a single figure (window), then use subplot like this:
subplot(20, 1, 1);
plot(x1, y1);
subplot(20, 1, 2);
plot(x2, y2);
subplot(20, 1, 19);
plot(x19, y19);
subplot(20, 1, 20);
plot(x20, y20);

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