How can I read in data from Excel where I have the row range stored as a variable

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I am reading data from an excel sheet, and can read my data perfectly fine when I define the row range as a number, such as:
LPHYB = xlsread('Tungurahua_Activity_Log_temp.xlsx', ...
'Hourly_Seismic_Record', 'G699:G1004');
However, I would like to be able to store my first row and last row as a variable, like this:
LPHYB = xlsread('Tungurahua_Activity_Log_temp.xlsx', ...
'Hourly_Seismic_Record', 'Gstartrow:Gendrow');
This is not working. The error message reads:
'Maximum variable size allowed by the program is exceeded.'

Accepted Answer

Jan on 31 Jan 2017
Edited: Jan on 31 Jan 2017
Matlab's error message is not clear. You can define the string as following:
LPHYB = xlsread('Tungurahua_Activity_Log_temp.xlsx', ...
'Hourly_Seismic_Record', sprintf('G%d:G%d', startrow, endrow));

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