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how to separate multiple sensors?

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the ig
the ig on 14 Mar 2017
Commented: Denis Bogomolov on 30 Jun 2019
With MathWorks Mobile Sensor Connectivity for iOS and android it is possible to get realtime sensor data from these devices. There is one problem: when multiple devices are simultaneously connected, the respective sensor data is not "separated" by channel, but all data is mixed together. For instance:
connector on
m = mobiledev
m.OrientationSensorEnabled = 1;
m.Logging = 1;
m.Logging = 0;
[o, to] = orientlog(m);
plot(to, o(:,2));
xlabel('Relative time (s)');
In the previous example two devices were active, as it can be seen, there is an unique timeseries containing samples from all the sources. How could I get separated channels, one for each device (to be controlled independently, one from the other)?
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Denis Bogomolov
Denis Bogomolov on 30 Jun 2019
Please share the answer if you have found it

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