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how do i increase the maximum number of iterations for linprog?

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Saket Adhikari
Saket Adhikari on 24 Jun 2017
Edited: John D'Errico on 25 Jun 2017
Since it says to increase options.MaxIter. I did:
Then i get erros message as:
Error using linprog (line 144)
LINPROG requires the following inputs to be of data type double: 'X0'.
Error in main_compositeSystem (line 134)
Turns out, linprog doesnot allow to set options??

Answers (1)

John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 25 Jun 2017
Edited: John D'Errico on 25 Jun 2017
Linprog DOES allow you to set options if you pass them in properly.
linprog has a problem with the variable X0, or what you passed in as X0.
The argument list for linprog expects X0 as the next argument after UB to be X0.
You passed in a structure in that argument.
If you don't intend to pass in a variable, such as X0, then pass in an empty array [] as a placeholder.

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