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How to split one input and perform different calculations on it to get different outputs.

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Hi everyone I am a Simulink novice, I was wondering if there is a block which take one input and performs different calculations on it and outputs them as separate outputs. So say I have 40 going in, inside the block there are different fractions to split the 40 ie, 1/2 1,4 1,6, I would have the answer to each of these fractions outputted as seperate ports on the block. Please help! Thank you!!


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Accepted Answer

Ennio Condoleo
Ennio Condoleo on 27 Jul 2017
Hi, if I have correctly understood your issue, you have a number as a single input, and you would like to have multiple outputs given by a division of the number, right? We will be able to help you a lot if you could provide us a picture of your Simulink model. However, I will try to solve your problem.
Given: N (input) R1, R2, R3 the results from the blocks which divide N by a specified quantity.
You can use mux block to create an array signal from each Ri. For instance if you have M blocks, you will have M Ri. The Mux block allows you to create an array vector whose components are R1, R2, ..., Rm respectively. Then you can use a simple Scope to view the results on can exploit To Workspace block to retrieve the results in the base workspace and then plot them by using plot function. I hope this can help you!