How to sample from custom 2D distribution?

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I have a joint density function for to independent variables X and Y. (See: And I now want to sample new x,y from this distribution.
What I believe I have to do is to find the joint cumulative distribution and then somehow sample from it. I kinda know how to do this in 1D, but I find it really hard to understand how to do it in 2D.
I also used the matlab-function cumtrapz to find the cumulative distribution function for the above pdf. (See:
Just to be clear, what i want to do is to sample random values x,y from this empirical distribution.
Can someone please point me in the right direction here?!

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Razvan on 19 Apr 2012
Hussein Ammar
Hussein Ammar on 2 Jul 2019
Thank you for mentioning this function. It helped me a lot.

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Richard Brown
Richard Brown on 19 Apr 2012
A really basic, quick to code (but darned inefficient way) is to generate uniform samples in the 3D volume defined by the x and y coordinates and the maximum z coordinate. Accept only samples that fall beneath the surface. The x,y coordinates of these samples will have the distribution you want.

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Tom Lane
Tom Lane on 19 Apr 2012
There is a Statistics Toolbox function "slicesample" that could be useful. It does not generate independent samples from the distribution, but instead generates a Markov Chain such that a long sequence of values will have a distribution close to the target distribution. To use this, you would need to be able to write down an expression for the density.

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