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How to add different color for each galaxy

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I am working on "Spiral Galaxy Formation Simulation" example in Mathworks. How can I add different colors for each galaxy's bodies? There is an option in each galaxy function for color but it doesn't work.
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Christos Dimopoulos
Christos Dimopoulos on 9 Dec 2017
I have bodies with 8 properties. Last one is color. In each galaxy's bodies I give the same color, but different than other galaxy bodies.
bodies(i,8) = 'r';
When trying to plot seems I can't get it to color each body separately.
for i = 1:n,
points_x(i) = bodies(i,2);
points_y(i) = bodies(i,3);
points_z(i) = bodies(i,4);
points_col(i) = bodies(i,8);
% Remove the old plot.
if isempty(oldPlot)
oldPlot = fig;
elseif ~isempty(foundFig)
oldPlot = plot3(points_x,points_y,points_z, points_col);
I get error: "An error occurred while running the simulation and the simulation was terminated Caused by: Not enough input arguments."
it only accepts one color for all
oldPlot = plot3(points_x,points_y,points_z, 'w.');
It might be the dot, I don't know...

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Dec 2017
Use scatter3() instead of plot3() if you want to specify a color for each and every marker.
Christos Dimopoulos
Christos Dimopoulos on 27 Dec 2017
You are correct again!
cla fixed it!
cla reset unfortunately makes the axis appear from nowhere and loses its focus.
Anyway if it works with cla I am ok.

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