How to find all rows other than a particular row?

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Hey all
how can i find all rows other than a particular row in a matrix?
matrix = [1,1,1,0,0;0,1,1,1,0;0,0,1,0,1]
result = {[2;3];[1;3];[1;2]}
e.g. if we are considering row 1 then all other rows in matrix will be shown in result except row 1
lucksBi on 5 Jan 2018
criteria is that if diagonal element e.g. for row1 its (1,1) is 1 then take other rows except from 1. Same will for applied for 2,2 and 3,3.
Cell array is good option but I Can get results in double array as well.
lucksBi on 5 Jan 2018
I got answer for this one. Thanks alot for your time @Birdman

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 5 Jan 2018
Let's say you have N rows.....and you have selected M'th row, then use Setdiff to get what you want.
N = 12 ; % 12 rows
M = 3; % selected 3rd row
iwant = setdiff(1:N,M)

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