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Accessing a function from GUI1 in GUI2

Asked by Jason
on 6 Feb 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Jason
on 7 Feb 2018
Accepted Answer by Jan
How can I call a function in GUI1 called Autoscaleimage from GUI2? (Created by GUIDE).
function [high,low]=Autoscaleimage(handles,Image,n)


One thing that is stopping me is trying to write a seperate function that can extract an image of an axes belonging to a certain GUI.
I normally use getimage but this is for images on the sane GUI where it is being called from.
on 7 Feb 2018
Pass in the image handle directly from your GUI. It is always a good idea to keep hold of the handles of the things you plot, e.g.
hImage = imagesc( ... )

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1 Answer

Answer by Jan
on 6 Feb 2018
 Accepted Answer

What does "a function in GUI1 called Autoscaleimage" exactly mean? Is this a subfunction in the M-file GUI1.m? Then it might be easy to move this function to an own M-file. Then it can be used from all other functions.
The input handles is not used inside this function. Then it would be cleaner to omit it.


on 6 Feb 2018
@Jason: Yes. Simply try it. You can access the GUI objects from anywhere, if you have their handles.
on 6 Feb 2018
You should never be wanting to pass the handles of one GUI to a standalone function when you can get away with it. I have done it on occasion, for specific purposes, when I wanted to create a system of button highlighting and enabling/disabling based on the state of an underlying program where passing all the ui controls to such a function would just be silly, but in general a handles structure should remain within its GUI, it has no business being outside it and can create all manner of bugs that you really don't want.
If you want the same functionality from two different GUIs you should extract the relevant parameters from the handles structures of one or other GUI so the common interface of the function needs to have no knowledge of a massive handles struct that comes with extraneous UI controls and goodness knows what else attached to it.
OK thankyou for your comments - I get the message and will try to adapt my code as you suggest.

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