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Passing workspace variable to matlab App Designer

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Optical_Stress on 14 Feb 2018
Commented: Adam on 14 Feb 2018
I've been trying to pass a workspace variable (say a variable, y) into matlab app designer but am not observing any results. I tend to get the error:
'error using get, not enough input arguments'.
I call the app within the scrips with and without passing y into the app.
I have tried:
1) Passing y into the app by using the app input arguments function.
2) Property function in app designer.
All i am trying to do is to invoke variable y into the app designer so that it can be manipulated by a sliding function which generates a new output variable which is then plotted against another work space variable, (x).
I have looked at the demo examples but they all the variables exist within the app.


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Accepted Answer

Adam on 14 Feb 2018
This thread gives a workaround for this if you are using a version of Matlab older than R2017b. Apparently the ability to pass arguments to an App Designer app is now supported in R2017b although I haven't tried myself as I still just use GUIDE or programmatic UIs until App Designer is developed further.


Optical_Stress on 14 Feb 2018
is there a way to see the workspace variable in the app Designer?
Adam on 14 Feb 2018
You can see the public properties just by typing
if your app is called App. To see private properties you would have to put a breakpoint in some function or other and look at them as e.g.

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