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Driving Audio Device in Simulink Desktop Real-time

Asked by Spencer Chen on 17 Feb 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Spencer Chen on 18 Feb 2018
The Audio Writer block does not work in External Mode with Desktop Real-Time.
Is there a way to drive the audio output otherwise for Desktop Real-time?


There is a small chance that the audio board will show up as a possible output if you use the Analog Output block. But I suspect it will not, so you would probably need a custom I/O block.
Good idea. I just checked it out on 2 different machines, one with internal audio out, and another with SoundBlaster. No such luck here. I don't know how to write custom IO blocks. So it looks like I'll need add hardware.
Having Mic input and Audio output for Desktop Real-time would be great, if Mathworks' development team is listening in. Saves me having to get additional IO card for simple Analog IN and OUT.

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