Compile SignalAnalyzer App to Standalone exe

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Is it possible to use the Matlab Compiler to create a standalone version of the SignalAnalyzer? The sources of the SignalAnalyzer are obfuscated by pcode, therefore dependencies cannot be found automatically.
Is it basically possible to compile p code?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 21 Mar 2018
I'm not completely sure but I believe the answers to your questions are no and maybe respectively.
The Signal Analyzer app is part of Signal Processing Toolbox. When I look at the page listing what toolboxes and functionality in each toolbox can be compiled it says that "Apps and UIs" in Signal Processing Toolbox cannot be compiled.
There's an entry in the MATLAB Compiler Release Notes that states "The new dependency resolution function requires that p-code being used in a compiled function has an associated .m file containing the original source for the p-code." So it sounds to me like it is possible to compile a p-coded file as long as MATLAB Compiler can perform the dependency analysis on the regular MATLAB code file from which the p-coded file was generated.
Jan Kappen
Jan Kappen on 21 Mar 2018
Okay I'll contact the support, thanks.
What I meant with "UI and Apps" is that most of the "Apps and UIs" (right column in here of most toolboxes cannot be compiled and I ask myself, why. I do know that Appdesigner UIs can be built.

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