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The boxplot labels disappeared after I set the Ytick

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Hao Peng
Hao Peng on 12 Apr 2018
Answered: Jonas on 18 Apr 2021
When I use the boxplot function and set multiple grouping variables, it works fine. But when I have set the YTick after the boxplot function, the labels are disappeared. If the number of boxplot is only 1 in a figure it won't happen, but if the number of boxplot is like 3*4, it happens every time. This problem won' happen on 2017a, but 2017b and 2018a.

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Jonas on 18 Apr 2021
i had a similar problem when I generated a boxplot with logarithmic y-axis in Matlab 2021b. Originally I wanted to set the y-ticks using 'ax=gca' after the creation of the boxplot and then setting ax.YTick=10.^(-50:5:0).
The problem did not appear if i assigned the y-ticks using the function yticks()



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