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convert 1-d radial profile to a 2-d circular matrix

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Optical_Stress on 25 Apr 2018
I'm struggling to convert a 1-d radial profile to a 2-d circular matrix, my current process yields a rectangular matrix instead. So i guess i'm close, but i'm not sure how to convert the rectangular matrix into a circular one.
v_theta = cd(radiusc{3});
radius_r = radiusc{k};
theta = linspace(0,2*pi(),length(radiusc{k}));
theta_y = sin(v_theta)';
theta_x = cos(v_theta)';
v_y = cd(radiusc{k}).*theta_y; v_x = cd(radiusc{k}).*theta_x;
v_theta = sqrt(v_y.^2+v_x.^2);
I get the following image (See attachment).


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