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Do you have any idea/example how to build up a graph like this ?

Asked by Pierre Lonfat on 2 May 2018
Latest activity Edited by Pierre Lonfat on 2 May 2018
Dear everyone,
I would like to create a graph looking like the following:
Where the arrows would automatically move in function of the categorical result -2 -1 0 1 2.
If you have any idea or example how I could build that it would be very welcomed !
Thank you in advance,


It would not be useful to post some code for an invented set of inputs, because it is very unlikely, that this matches your needs exactly. Better post the code you have already to show, in which form the inputs are available. What does "automatically move" mean exactly? Horizontally or vertically? Are the colors meaningful, e.g. the variation of the bars?
Thank you Jan for your answer ! I have no code for this graph yet because I have no idea how I would build it.
The idea is to get something like that:
Today's result for equities was 1.25 corresponding to a positive insight on equities (here a + on the graph), I would like that when I have my model result (which can be 0.5/--; 0.75/-; 1/0; 1.25/+, 1.5/++) that the arrow moves automatically to the desired position. In this example my model predicts a 1.25, corresponding to a + therefore my arrow should be located as shown in the example.
Thank you very much again,

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