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HOw do i link Pop up menu with uitable?

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sachin narain
sachin narain on 14 May 2018
I have a pop up menu and a uitable created in matlab Guide. I have four options in my pop up menu: 'Ground1','Ground2','Ground3','Ground4'
and in the uitable i have 4 rows where 1st row data is for Grounds1 2nd row is for Ground2,3rd row is for Ground3,4th row is for Ground4
I want,when the user chooses the 1st option in the pop up menu, the cursor should go to 1st row in the uitable,when he chooses 2nd row it should go to 2nd row in the uitable and accordingly
Kindly help me do this.Thank you in advance.I am attaching the uitable along with this question.


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