How can I open a file to be read, from a relative file location?

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The function which reads from the text file is located at:
and it needs to open:
Right now I've tried the relative path. I cannot write it as an absolute path, as it needs to be opened on multiple different computers.
fID = fopen('..\OUTPUT\Square\M1CR100S4\(AllFld_SVE).OALLFLD','r');

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Yash Trivedi
Yash Trivedi on 10 Jul 2018
Hi Connor,
According to the relative path in your fopen() call, you need to go one level higher up in the directory hierarchy.
fID = fopen('..\..\OUTPUT\Square\M1CR100S4\(AllFld_SVE).OALLFLD','r') should work.
A single .. will look for the 'OUTPUT' folder in the 'MatlabFiles' folder and not in the last 'x' folder.
Yash Trivedi
Yash Trivedi on 10 Jul 2018
Edited: Yash Trivedi on 10 Jul 2018
Yes, that's right. The '..\' acts as taking it back a single step. You might want to read through this thread which suggests alternatives and potential pitfalls with relative paths, especially if you're going up four levels of hierarchy -

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