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Matlab writes junk #N/D in Excel file

Asked by farzad on 23 Jul 2018
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Hi All
I should write an array of 50000x2 from MATLAB to an Excel file, the problem is MATLAB doesn't leave the next rows free and writes something like : #N/D till the line 1 milion !!!
So I should delete it all, but I have so many files
could someone kindly propose a solution ?


on 23 Jul 2018
Would have to see the code that seemed to cause the problem and probably have the data as well.
Are you sure the sheet(s) weren't already that way first?
Matlab creates that file, so the files did not exist before even , my part of the code to make the excel file and write the array to that is :
Xsig = [t,Xavp];
xlswrite(name, Xsig, 1, 'A:B');
up, Xavp is a 50,000x1 array, which will be added to Xsig together with time, with the same length, I believe that a random big array will behave the same here

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1 Answer

Answer by OCDER
on 23 Jul 2018
Edited by OCDER
on 23 Jul 2018
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Either specify the exact excel range to write to, or don't specify it at all.
Xsig = rand(10, 2);
xlswrite('test.xlsx', Xsig, 1, sprintf('A1:B%d', size(Xsig, 1)));
Xsig = rand(10, 2);
xlswrite('test.xlsx', Xsig, 1);
When you say write to 'A:B', Matlab has an odd behavior to fill EVERY cell in columns A and B with something. Hence, the 1 million rows of N/A's


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Thank you so much, since it is a data acquisition ,I don't know in advance , due to some calculations in the middle, how many points I will have, not I tried with not specifying, just I forgot, what does that 1 mean after Xsig ? Is there a complete documentation guide to deal with Excel and text files in MATLAB ?
on 23 Jul 2018
xlswrite(name, Xsig, 1, 'A:B');
^ sheet number
You could try
doc xlswrite
help xlswrite
Thanks a lot

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