How to call contents from an m file into GUI callback functions?

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sandeep on 29 Mar 2011
Commented: PRABHJOT SINGH on 3 Oct 2014
Hello all,
I am trying to call the data from a .m file into GUI call back functions using some push buttons in GUI.
Can anyone please tell me how can I do this

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 29 Mar 2011
To run the M-file in the callback, just put the name of the M-file in the callback. For example:
function pushbuttoncallback(Hobj,Evnt,varargin)
% Callback function for the pushbutton.
Dat = mfilename;
% Now do whatever with the data in Dat...

monu on 17 Apr 2014
hello.. i have a program in m-file ...n i want to run that file when gui pushbutton is clicked..and the output of that m-file should be displayed in edit box..... plz tell me the solution ..... i m doing thesis on matlab gui .......
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PRABHJOT SINGH on 3 Oct 2014
me also having the same problem ..... did u found out any solution ??

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