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While rotating the object in Simscape Multibody 3D simulation the object suddenly gets disappeared from the view. How to fix this issue ?

Asked by Somesh Jaipuria on 28 Oct 2018
Latest activity Answered by Steve Miller on 1 Apr 2019
when I do not rotate the object in 3D animation, the body remain in there. I tried to use 'fit to view' in 3D animation, the object comes there for a fraction of a second and again gets disappeared from the view.


yes, it is a 2 wheeled robot and i commanded it to move in a straight path........

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1 Answer

Answer by Steve Miller on 1 Apr 2019

The default viewpoint for the Mechanics Explorer is a fixed location and orientation in space. If your object is moving, it will move out of the field of view.
Try defining a new camera that tracks a frame. This page in the documentation will get you started.


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