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Why contact force library is too sensitive to the contact parameters and other elements of the model?

Asked by negin nikafrooz on 17 Dec 2018
Latest activity Edited by negin nikafrooz on 17 Dec 2018
I am trying to model a 30 degree of gear connection in simscape multibody. I used the contact force library and defined the sphere-plane contact between the teeth of the gear( it is only 4 teeth) . It works well when I just modeled the gear, but the problem is that my model is a little complicated. I am using pulley and cable library, spring joints, and the revolute joints. I started with gear connection then added other parts. When I added the cable and pulley system, the defined contact does not work anymore. I cannot understand what is wrong with it. Appreciate it if someone could explain how it works. It seems that it is too sensitive to the contact paramters and other elements of the model.
I have another question regarding pulley and cable system. How can I insert the cable pulling force as an input ( actuation force)? And how can I measure the amount of cable lenght change? To do so, I fixed a spool to a disc and applied the actuation torque to the disc, and measured the spool angle, but it does not give the correct value.
I highly appreciate it if someone could help me and asnwer my questions.


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