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Why can't I boot my embedded coder program from flash when it uses Model references?

Asked by Lucas Florin on 20 Dec 2018
I'm using Embedded Coder to Run a program I created with Simulink 2017b and Stateflow on a TI Delfino 2833 board. To organize, modularize and reuse the software I'm creating for this proyect I divided it into 6 diferent simulink model files that reference each other using model references. Also I do it so i can use Git. I The only settings that are not default are the ones for I2C.
When I deploy my software to the board without the checkbox "Boot from flash" under Model Configuration Parameters -> Hardware Implementation -> Target Hardware Resources, It works perfectly. However, when I check that checkbox to load the program onto flash, the program no longer works. There is no error message, but when I turn on the board it doesn't do anything (It doesn't output The signals it should be outputting automatically and it doesn't react to inputs).
However, if I just replace the model references with subsystems by copy-pasting the contents of the other files into the main one, booting from flash works fine. It is the same program, just in one single simulink file.
Why does this happen? Do Model References somehow use up more resources? Is there a way to fix it?
If not, what alternatives are there to modularize and reuse Simulink software?


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