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Deleting certain columns in a matrix

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Hi all,
I have a 267x34 matrix. Now I want to delete certain columns within MATLAB.
For instance if I want to delete the 3rd column, 4th column, 8th column, 14th column and 33 column. How would I write this in a code where they all get delete simultaneously?


Mayank Malaviya
Mayank Malaviya on 2 Sep 2016
B = horzcat(A(1:end,1:n-1),A(1:end,n+1:end)); % A is your matrix and n is the column which is to be removed
Fabian Lischka
Fabian Lischka on 26 Nov 2018
FWIW, above comment from 2016-09-02 does not address the question (deleting multiple columns), and is furthermore possibly a fairly inefficient way of doing what it does (deleting one column).

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Reza Zakernejad
Reza Zakernejad on 12 Oct 2017
Edited: Reza Zakernejad on 12 Oct 2017
A(:,[m n p...])=[]; % A input matrix and m n p are #columns to be deleted

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Craig Champlin
Craig Champlin on 5 Dec 2019
Not sure why this is not the "Accepted Answer". It does exactly what I want to. I have several column indexes of outliers which I found by comparing against a threshold. Using this answer, I can simply put my list into the [] and poof outliers are gone.
outliers = find (errorDist > thresholdValue); % list of outliers
M(:,outliers) = []; % *poof!* clean matrix

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