I am getting error in integrating a function from 0 to infinity wrt x. Kindly help.

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Swathi S
Swathi S on 24 Jan 2019
Commented: Swathi S on 24 Jan 2019
fun=@(x) (p*q*r*exp(-x*d/sqrt(a*b)));
% where variables p, q, r, d, a and b are defined
Error using *
Inner matrix dimensions must agree.
Error in @(x)(p*q*r*exp(-x*d/sqrt(a*b)))
Error in integralCalc/iterateScalarValued (line 314)
fx = FUN(t);
Error in integralCalc/vadapt (line 132)
[q,errbnd] = iterateScalarValued(u,tinterval,pathlen);
Error in integralCalc (line 83)
[q,errbnd] = vadapt(@AToInfInvTransform,interval);
Error in integral (line 88)
Q = integralCalc(fun,a,b,opstruct);
Error in SaadMutashar (line 83)

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Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 24 Jan 2019
q = integral(fun,0,Inf,'ArrayValued',1);
but in your case the result is a zero vector, due to value of the gamma = 0.
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Swathi S
Swathi S on 24 Jan 2019
Sir, I used the below code and am able to clear the error.
syms x
Yes its 0 vector due to gamma=0. I think I have to change the gamma value now. Thank you sir for your answer.

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