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Renaming cells inside structure from variable in for loop

Asked by Mohammed Hammad on 24 Jan 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Stephen Cobeldick on 24 Jan 2019
I have a for loop which it goes through mat files and copy results to put them inside one structure called (level0). This structure has many cells based on the number of the files (e.g 10) and I want to rename them based on variables (dates).
in other words that each cell or fields will have the name with the date and it has inside a structure with these values
dir = 'directory';
filePattern3 = fullfile(dir, 'x*.mat');
mat3 = dir(filePattern3);
name3= {}.';
numfiles3 = length(name3);
results3 = cell(numfiles3,1);
dates = [cellfun( @(S) datetime(S([3:9]), 'InputFormat', 'yyMMMdd'), name3, 'uniformoutput',false )];
dates = [cellfun(@datestr,dates,'un',0)];
for K = 1 : numfiles3
thisfile3 = name3{K};
datastruct = load(thisfile3);
xval = [datastruct.x_.coorx.val].'; %extract variable
yval = [datastruct.x_.coory.val].';
zval = [datastruct.x_.coorz.val].';
mjd = [datastruct.x_.coorx.mjd].';
t = mjd / 365.2425;
level0{K}.xval = xval;
level0{K}.yval = yval;
level0{K}.zval = zval;
level0{K}.t = t;
Please help me to achieve that, thanks in advance
The dates are
dates =


"because later I would call these values from each cell inside structure to use them for further computations "
Indexing is best. Fieldnames if you really must.
Can you please share similar example for indexing? I am still beginner with these stuff.
Thank you

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1 Answer

Answer by Stephen Cobeldick on 24 Jan 2019
Edited by Stephen Cobeldick on 24 Jan 2019

You can certainly rename fields dynamically:
But really, it would likely be simpler and more efficient to use indexing and store the dates as data in their own right. Forcing meta-data (such as dates) into things like variable names or fieldnames just makes code slow and fragile. Remember that meta-data is data, and so it deserves to be treated as data and stored in a variable, not forced awkwardly into names of variables or fields:
S(k).X = [...];
S(k).Y = [...];
S(k).date = '2019-01-24';


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