Why i can't use the function Graph::isEdge in my code??

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John Blue
John Blue on 16 Feb 2019
Answered: Steven Lord on 16 Feb 2019
This is my code and i try to create a graph
clear all;
fileID = fopen("routers_modify_airports.dat");
data = textscan(fileID,'%q %q');
Data_of_ports = [data{:}];
unique_elements = unique(Data_of_ports);
G = graph;
for i = 1 : length(unique_elements)
G = addnode(G,unique_elements(i));
for i = 1: length(Data_of_ports)
G = addedge(G,Data_of_ports(i,1),Data_of_ports(i,2));
And i have a problem in function addedge because i have two time the same edge . For exapmle
I find a function who check if is the edge exists. But i can't use it.
for i = 1: length(Data_of_ports)
if (Graph::isEdge(G, [[Data_of_ports(i,2), Data_of_ports(i,1)]] )) == false
G = addedge(G,Data_of_ports(i,1),Data_of_ports(i,2));
And i have this Error
Do you know how to use this function???
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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 16 Feb 2019
That function can be used only in MUPAD notebooks where as you are using it in MATLAB script.

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Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 16 Feb 2019
As madhan ravi said, the function you found is only for MuPAD. Since you're working with the graph object included in MATLAB, use the findedge function instead.
Since both findedge and addedge accept vectors of source and target data, you don't even need the for loop. In fact, you may not even need findedge if you're using a release that supports multigraph (release R2018a) as you could add the edge regardless of whether or not it exists and simplify the multigraph to turn it into a simple (at most one edge between any pair of nodes) at the end.




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