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Place MATLAB figures in image with placeholders for each figure

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Henry Eriksson
Henry Eriksson on 25 Feb 2019
Commented: Jan on 25 Feb 2019
I am performing experiments that involves reading data from many sensors. Figures will be created that will represent the data from each sensor. To present the data I would like to first plot all data which will create about 20 figures. After that I would like the figures to be put into a much larger image that contains placeholders for each figure.
I was thinking that maybe there is a way to take this much larger image and through MATLAB give it placeholders named for example "1", "2", "3" and so on. After that is done I could write a script that would take said figures and place them each on the larger image, on their respective placeholder. Of course I would have to name each figure accordingly.
How do I do this?
Is this even possible?
I have attached an example of an image containing examples of placeholders.
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Jan on 25 Feb 2019
It depends on what you exactly mean: How do you want to insert figures in this image? Is this "image" a PDF and you want to add screen shots? Or should the result be working interactively as the single figures? Could this be dones with a simple list of subplot calls? " take said figures and place them each on the larger image" is not clear enough.

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