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Using simulink or simscape?

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Hi people,
quick question:
using simulink I found I am able to draw circuits both using "simulink" components (Power system library) and using "simscape" components (those drawed in blue).
So far (but I begun using these features just a couple of days ago) I don't understand the differences using one set of components instead of the other.
Could someone explain to me why I should prefer one over the other?
Thank you :)

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Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin on 9 Mar 2019
Hello Chris,
Not sure which verison of MATLAB you are using.
This is due to Power electronics library would have been developed before the Simscape libraries.. Simscape contains all the component simulation libraries under one umbrella.( fluid, power systems, multibody, electronics.)
I suggest to use that's the future version will concentrate on.
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Christian Olsen
Christian Olsen on 9 Mar 2019
so you're telling me there's no differences in accuracy of simulation, it's just about a kind of re-organization of Matlab, let's say.
For sure if I start to use simscape components I would need to use those S-PS and PS-S blocks for the conversion of signals too, so there must be something more about simscape elements.
I am using R2017b. Strange is that you can't see this info since I selected the version while I was typing the tags etc.

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