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setenv fails to change environment variables on Linux

Asked by Arabarra on 13 Mar 2019
I'm using Matlab on Ubuntu 16.04, and it seems that Matlab cannot run system calls:, because of an apparently failure of the Matlab command setenv to change the environment variables in the shell running below my Matlab session. To clarify what I mean, I copy and paste from my current session in Matlab:
>> ls /usr/local/bin/chimera
This file /usr/local/bin/chimera is an executable that I would like to run from matlab without needing to pass the full path (i.e., as !chimera or system('chimera');). To make it visible to my Matlab session, I prepend it to the environment variable PATH of the linux shell through the matlab commands getenv and setenv
>> setenv('PATH',['/usr/local/bin/:',getenv('PATH')]);
However, the Linux shell cannot find the executable "chimera" when asked by Matlab:
>> !which chimera
In fact, looks like the PATH variable was never changed from the point of view of the Linux Shell
>> !echo $PATH
although Matlab finds the correct value through getenv:
>> getenv('PATH')
ans =
In any case, this does not help me, as my Matlab session is unable to run system calls properly:
>> unix('chimera');
/bin/bash: chimera: command not found
>> system('chimera');
/bin/bash: chimera: command not found
So, what can be the reason that setenv is not working properly?
thanks in advance,
matlab version: (R2018a)


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